A Better Way.

As the world’s 2nd largest car manufacturer, Toyota is doing well. Its brand is respected and its customers loyal. Yet in today’s world where recommendation rules, more is needed to hold onto
a leadership position. A brand needs to be desired.

Toyota recognised that its brand needed to connect with customers on an emotional level to turn its customers into true brand advocates. A new brand strategy
of ‘Always a Better Way’ was created, setting the company
on a new course.

Greenspace created a new visual identity to express this imaginative and optimistic direction for the brand. Our new identity system simplified the previous brand guidelines and also granted more creative expression and flexibility. While still instantly recognisable as Toyota, this bold and bright new look gives the brand a fresh face.

Over the next two years, Toyota will launch 19 new models. They now have the tools to leverage these 19 key moments to truly
build their brand.