Life Beyond the Brand.

Beer brand Heineken wanted
to get in with the youth of today.
But how? By giving them something to talk about.

Greenspace were called up to help design and build a permanent branded venue. We sourced a derelict warehouse space in Valencia, Spain – an up-and-coming city in an emerging market. Shipping containers bathed in green light were cleverly converted into ticket booths, art installations, bars and venues.

But we did more than that. Based on the concept of co-creation, we enlisted a succession of artists and creative talents for a series of events. Musician Matthew Herbert created a symphony from kitchen sounds, whilst fashion label House of Diehl staged a catwalk show using refashioned clothes cut-off
of audience members.

And importantly, the new experiential sub-brand personified Heineken’s positioning to ‘Go Beyond – Who and What You Know’.

Voted ‘Most Contagious Event
of the Year’, the venue achieved €4.5 million of media value at its launch and has since hosted 400 Heineken-branded events.
It continues to generate profits and credible content that Heineken still uses in its wider brand communications.