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Greenspace x 10: Our sectors

Since 2003, we’ve worked across a wide range of business sectors which has given us a more informed, holistic view of the commercial and creative landscape. 

We’ve immersed ourselves in the tactile world of luxury and architecture, frolicked with fashion, raced with automotive, partied and educated with beverage brands whilst also helping to build the foundations for the future within the property industry.

Our adaptive approach allows us never to be inhibited by the traditional mindset of a sector but to evolve it and most importantly, always look at developing ideas that deliver legacy, sustainability and return on investment.

To discover more about our work and our approach to each sector click here.

Greenspace Sectors

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Good news. We’re looking to employ a Junior Graphic Designer.

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Good news students / graduates. We’re offering a Marketing & PR internship.

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The Story of New AYGO

David Terai is the Chief Engineer of Toyota's New AYGO. In this short film he helps us discover how it was developed and why it will make you stand out from the crowd while driving it. 

Bershka opens new flagship in Valencia

Last week, Bershka opened its new flagship in Valencia. Located in the commercial heart of the city, 
the store is one of the largest in the chain and is over 1,300 square feet with two floors open to the public.

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A sustainable (and fashionable) future in Valencia

Last week the Greenspace team had two reasons to be happy whilst bathing in the Valencian sunshine. You may think that the Vitamin D has gone to our heads but we’ve been working collaboratively with Bershka on the exciting launch of their flagship store in Valencia. The event has made us doubly happy as it meant that we  had the opportunity as a team to go back to this vibrant city where Greenspace was born.

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A new chapter in property development for London

Anthology – A large-scale residential London property development company, backed by Oaktree’s European Principal Fund, launched today.

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Good news. We’re looking to employ a Middleweight Graphic Designer.

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‘You’re here for a vacation – why would you do that?’

Passport control when entering the US is always less than inviting. But in the case of Detroit, 
the question seemed obvious, and therefore only right to ask.

Much has been written about its decline over the past few years, but once you take the short drive from the airport to Downtown to see it with your own eyes, and feel the cold whip up from the river,
it feels like you’re bring tricked.

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LA Auto Show – Eye Candy

Every November, the world's most famous automotive brands descend upon Los Angeles for the LA Auto Show .

This year's event had added poignancy as 2013 saw car sales jump to a six-year high in the US, driving financial recovery and increased stability of the world's largest economy.

We were there for the press days on 20 & 21 November - where 28 cars were introduced to the world for the first time, including 7 concept cars.

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