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Highlights from our 'Why Creating Legacy Matters' Event

You can now enjoy the highlights from the inaugural Greenspace 'Why Creating Legacy Matters' Round table in Islington, the 28th April.

We will also be posting more film with each of the three guest speakers Richard Moross, Mark Dickinson and David Magliano where they provide insights into the different ways they each view creating legacy.

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Good news – we’re looking for a New Business & PR intern.

The ideal candidate should have studied Marketing and/or PR, have excellent communication skills, a passion for creative work and be hungry to gain experience.

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Full house at the Greenspace Creating Legacy event

A very big thank you to all of you who made it a full house at the inaugural Greenspace Creating Legacy event last night at the Little Angel theatre in Islington. It was great to listen to our three guests; Richard Moross, Mark Dickinson and David Magliano, provide insights into the different ways they each view creating legacy in the respective fields of work.

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What happens when a city council partners with an international brand to create legacy?

In 2003, Greenspace was commissioned by Heineken International to create an exclusive, Heineken-owned brand experience that would connect directly to the interests and aspirations of young adult consumers. The brand driving idea was inspired by our own philosophy – to generate positivity, lasting value and legacy – and Heineken’s own brand philosophy, that ‘Life rewards those that go beyond what they know’.

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How do the world's best architects create legacy?

Last night at the Royal Institute of British Architects in London, Chris Wilkinson talked with Razia Iqbal about ‘Bridging Art and Science - the architecture of Wilkinson Eyre’.

Razia asked Chris to give his opinion on what makes 'Good architecture'. This was his response. 

“To me, good architecture lifts the spirits – and can actually make people feel better – when it's carefully considered and when it gives something back to people.”

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The Little Angel Theatre; home to our first round table event

We are thrilled to announce that we will be hosting our round table at Little Angel Theatre in Islington. 

Located in our new neighbourhood and with its own special connection to Greenspace, we know Little Angel Theatre will be the perfect place to host our first round table event on 'Why creating legacy matters'. 

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We welcome three guest speakers to our round table event on 'Why creating legacy matters'

We are thrilled to welcome David Magliano, Managing Director of Membership at the GuardianRichard Moross, MBE, CEO and Founder of Moo, and Mark Dickinson, CEO of Anthology  to speak at our first round table event on the subject of 'Why creating legacy matters'.

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How to be Flat-out and Fearless at Goodwood 2015

With the 2015 Goodwood Festival of Speed fast approaching, we wanted to share our top tips on how to ensure your pavilion is a success this year.  Read more to discover out tips! 

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Anthology announce their second chapter at Wembley

We are excited to announce that our client, Anthology has exchanged on the 1.2 acre site known as Amex House on North End Road in Wembley Park, a three-minute walk from Wembley Stadium. This is the second chapter in the Anthology story, and we can't wait to work with them on this project. 

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Greenspace logo design nominated for Creative Circle award

Anthology logo

We are thrilled to announce that the logo we designed for Anthology has been shortlisted by Creative Circle for their 2015 best logo award. The oldest advertising and marketing awards body in Europe, the Creative Circle awards are highly regarded within the industry.

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