Creating Legacy since 2003

Since we started Greenspace 10 years ago, the ideas we are most proud of have had 3 defining qualities; they have been sustainable, have made a difference and have created a legacy.

These qualities define Greenspace and our approach to everything we do. 

Our work positively impacts on the culture in which it exists. 

Our unique perspective enables us to push beyond the rudimentary brand brief and create a legacy. 

At the end of the day, brands are about connecting and engaging with people and their experiences so if you’re not making a difference to their lives, then what’s the point? 

It’s not easy but it’s what makes us different.

So whenever we start a new project, we always ask ourselves the 10 key questions we believe matter most of all.


What are the goals for the brand?


What relevant issues stand in the way of achieving the goals?


What essential human insights are there to help unlock the issues?


What is the key challenge for the brand to be most effective?


What is the Brand Driving Idea that best answers the challenge?


What is the greatest achievable ambition of the Brand Driving Idea?


How sustainable is the Brand Driving Idea?


How does the Brand Driving Idea pay back its investment?


How does the Brand Driving Idea make a difference?


How does the Brand Driving Idea create a legacy?